Insider Secrets to Scheduling your Appointments at CoachAmyPT


Best tips on how to work the system to get your PT appointments when you need them! 

  • Book ahead to ensure you maintain consistency with your PT care and secure times that work best for you. Follow-up and tune up appointments can significantly improve the overall results of treatment. The CoachAmyPT scheduling system allows scheduling 4 weeks in advance.

  • Set a reminder in your calendar each week to book your appointments out up to the full 4 weeks. 

  • Get on the Waitlist. When the schedule is full, the best way to let Coach Amy know that you need an appointment is to get on the Waitlist. To do so, select ONE time for each day of the week that you are available. This selected Waitlist time is not set in stone, it simply alerts Coach Amy to notify you if anything opens up on that day. When possible, Coach Amy comes in early and stays late to be sure her patients are seen in a timely manner.