Keeping KC Moving: Run, Bike, Swim, Work, Live…


Stay active by eliminating and even proactively preventing injury with Coach Amy's evaluation methods, which are based on principles of biomechanics that pinpoint causation.

Receive a long-term solution, not a temporary fix.

Work together with Coach Amy to determine your physical therapy goals, and receive a plan of care that is personalized to you.

Experience treatment that is based on a unique combination of Active Release Therapy (ART), Joint Mobilization, Neurological Dry Needling and functional exercise specific to your goals.

Run, bike and swim to the finish line with success. Choose a physical therapist that specializes in endurance sport, like Coach Amy.


“I recommend Coach Amy to anyone who has struggled with injury…she is the best!”

“Coach Amy helped me go from injury to run marathons and [compete in] triathlons again. I became injured…and was off running for months. [Coach Amy]  understands the injury I have…and helped me to safely return to running. She understands how to build in a slow and lasting way so I can enjoy being active for years to come. I recommend Coach Amy to anyone who has struggled with injury…she is the best!” – Jen

“Amy brings a great combination of physical therapy skills and knowledge of running and cycling mechanics. ”

“I'm particularly happy with her use of ART in her practice, as it allows me to continue training while also treating the injury and strengthening weaknesses. Amy's positive and supportive attitude is always welcome, and I'm confident she will help me keep doing the races I want to do for as long as I want to do them!” – Todd

“Amy is truly an expert in her field. She doesn't waste any time, so sessions are efficient and effective.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Amy after experiencing a running injury. Amy not only treated my injury but investigated and corrected the underlying cause.  I'm happy I choose Amy as my physical therapist and will strongly recommend her to my friends and family.” – Beth

“Amy's knowledge, experience, and athlete focused attention are a hard combination to find!”

“A cycling crash injured my shoulder Thanksgiving morning. Two PT visits including ART from Coach Amy and I'm back to training with full range of motion.” – Matt

After trying to run through my injury for almost a year with no luck, Coach Amy had me pain free after just three visits.”

“The home exercises and stretches that she gave me have kept me on the road and injury free!“ - Jon


Why Amy?

Amy graduated with a Masters of Science in physical therapy from the University of Kansas Medical Center and is certified in Active Release Therapy (ART) and Applied Functional Science. She is also a certified running coach.

Amy focuses on prevention and treatment of injury in endurance sports because she knows first hand the frustration and heartbreak of needing to take a break from a beloved sport due to injury.

With the help of physical therapy and ART, Amy has bounced back from a host of running injuries. She recently returned to running after hip surgery with a PR in the half marathon at age…What? We aren’t going to share that!

She has run many marathons including Boston, NYC and Chicago and is slowly dipping her toes into the exciting world of triathlons.

Amy is also owner and coach of Roadrunners of Kansas City, participates in research at local universities studying running related science and speaks at local running clubs, schools and corporations.

Outside of the world of endurance sports, Amy is a mom of three who, much to her chagrin, will not run!