Does Coach Amy Treat Back Pain? Why, Yes!


Back pain can affect people of all ages. Up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Small aches and pains often come along with age, major life events, or increased and varied activity; but sometimes we have no idea what triggers pain at all.

Coach Amy helps identify triggers and provides treatment for patients with back pain that interferes with work, sleep, everyday tasks and hobbies. More importantly, once pain and function is restored she helps patients develop a strategy to prevent future occurrences.

Anna, a CoachAmyPT patient, suffered from back pain at various stages of her adult life. “I was experiencing severe lower back pain while training for a half marathon, any time I ran longer than 6 miles or so. It didn't hurt while I was running, but the day after I'd run it would hurt so much I'd be in tears. I had shooting pain down my hips and legs too. 

I started seeing Amy for physical therapy sessions, including Active Release Therapy (ART) and a lot of strength training. It made a HUGE difference for me. After a couple of sessions I was mostly pain free, and I was able to continue to run and train for my half marathon.”

After the arrival of her first baby, Anna’s lower back and hip pain returned. “The lower back pain ‘post-baby’ was similar - shooting pain in my hips wrapping around to the front. At first it started as an annoyance. When the pain peaked, making my daily tasks like rocking or nursing my baby really uncomfortable, I finally decided to go get treatment.” 

With more ART and functional exercises, Coach Amy was able to help Anna eliminate lower back and hip pain, and slowly get back to running. They also worked together on a long-term training plan to prevent future flair-ups. “Amy is so sweet and knowledgeable - she always reassured me that it would get better, and it did. She is the best!” 

Coach Amy’s patients graduate from PT armed with a better understanding of the causes of their pain and a personalized plan that may include home exercises to help prevent injury in the future. And yes, she does treat back pain!