Casting a Net Far and Wide with the CoachAmyPT Message


Never in my wildest imagination did I think the CoachAmyPT message would reach the global stage, yet my passion for running free of injury is doing just that through the recently released Garmin Coach training plans. I’m humbled to be in the company of fellow Garmin Coaches Jeff Galloway and Greg McMillan and proud to represent the Kansas City endurance and physical therapy community. It’s especially sweet to be the only female coach on the panel!

Each coach approaches training differently to serve a wide variety of runners’ goals. My background as a physical therapist strongly influences the way I train runners. It’s amazing how well Garmin Coach captures and shares this approach with runners to help them achieve their goals without injury.

The net may be cast far and wide, but there is potential for an even stronger impact on local KC runners. Area runners can reach out to CoachAmyPT for injury prevention, performance enhancement, running biomechanics and treatment for injury. Local runners can join Roadrunners of Kansas City's ongoing group runs for camaraderie and accountability.

Whether in Kansas City, Japan or Australia, my hope is that Garmin Coach users find their own personal running success and, in the process, develop a life-long, healthy relationship with the sport.

For more information about Garmin Coach, visit Garmin Connect. Contact me for more information about physical therapy. Visit Roadrunners of Kansas City for more information about our running club.