Why Runners Shouldn't Sit Like A Tailor

The Tailor Sit

The Tailor Sit

Sitting in the tailor position is comfortable for a lot of people, but for the runner, it comes at a hefty price. Tailor sitting for a prolonged period of time puts strain on the knees, over stretches some muscles and shortens others. One of the key muscles plays a big role in running: the PIRIFORMIS.

Sitting in the tailor position lengthens the piriformis making it weak; imagine the muscle is like a really old, saggy stretched out rubber band. It doesn’t spring well does it?

The piriformis is supposed to stabilize the hip when the run foot strikes the ground. Running with a weakened one can lead to injury of the muscle itself as well as other muscles, nerves, and joints of the back, hips, knees or feet!

The weak piriformis is deceiving. It will often times feel tight even when it really isn’t because the brain is sending messages to it to contract. This can also irritate the sciatic nerve causing a big “pain in the butt”.

What to do with an overly long piriformis? Foam roll, strengthen and if more help is needed, schedule an appointment at CoachAmyPT for Active Release, Dry Needling and functional strengthening.