Get More From a Strong Core


In today’s fitness focused world, we’ve all heard a lot of buzz around “strengthening the core.”  Wondering what all of the hype is about?  Having strong core muscles is beneficial for everyone, not just athletes.  A strong core improves posture and stability, and can help prevent pain and injury from an active lifestyle.

With a strong core our movements are more efficient, and we gain more power and function from the upper and lower extremities.  With a weak core, we are like a “rag doll”; our arms and legs move less efficiently, and energy is wasted. 

For endurance athletes, a strong core translates to more power in the arm and leg swing while running, the pull and kick while swimming, and the push and pull while cycling.  A strong core can help everyone prevent back pain from daily tasks such as groceries, gardening, and laundry.

Contrary to popular belief, a strong core isn’t just strong abs.  Our core encompasses the entire cylindrical column of muscles ranging from above the shoulders to below the hips.  The best way to strengthen these muscles is with slow, intentional and controlled, quality movement patterns.  CoachAmyPT offers core strengthening classes designed for both beginners and advanced athletes.  

Join us for the first Spring session of core classes beginning the week of March 4th, and feel stronger and prevent injury at work and play.  Hurry, space is limited.

Watch an interview with CoachAmyPT patient, Larry, who experienced dramatic health benefits from taking Phoenix Core strengthening classes in conjunction with physical therapy.

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