Don't Run on a Balance Beam


Ever have muddy, bruised or bloody shins or ankles after a run? This can happen with a crossover running gait. Not only does it leave unwanted scuffs on your ankle, it is inefficient and can cause IT band pain, knee pain or shin splints. 

A crossover run gait is a narrow step width. To the trained eye, it kind of looks like the runner is running on a balance beam.  One leg drifts inwards near the front of the other with each step. This tends to happen in runners with weak hips, and with some runners sets in with fatigue towards the end of longer runs.

Runners lose power with this gait because the hips are not in the ideal position for push off, and more energy is required to push off the ground from the crossed over position. Landing in the cross over position also puts added strain on the the lateral line (gluteus medius, ITB, tibia) and can result in pain and injury. 

Most runners don’t even realize they have faulty gait patterns. A professional running gait evaluation can help bring this to light. Changing run gait should be done gradually and with professional assistance to avoid injury.

Experiencing pain while running, or suspicious of an improper run gait? Schedule an appointment with CoachAmyPT for a thorough evaluation and treatment plan.

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