Top Five Training Errors that Lead to Injury in Runners

Inquiring minds want to know…“When Coach Amy speaks at Rockhurst University, what is it about?”


Getting to the bottom of a runner’s injury is like solving a puzzle; the four corners are strength, mobility, biomechanics and training. Coach Amy explains how to evaluate the patient’s training history for potential errors that contribute to injury and how to modify training during treatment.

Here are the top five training errors that Coach Amy finds lead to injuries:

  1. Increasing total weekly mileage and long run mileage too quickly.

  2. Lack of recovery between training runs within the building phase, after races and between seasons.

  3. Not enough, too much or the wrong kind of cross training.

  4. Lack of varying intensity of hard and easy runs.

  5. Changing running form, surface, or shoe type without a slow, gradual introduction and without professional guidance.

Personalized coaching can help prevent these errors. If injury does occur, physical therapy with a therapist that specializes in running can speed up and improve success with recovery.