Need for Speed

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Did you know Coach Amy is actually a coach?  Amy is a running coach who owns and operates the running club, Roadrunners of Kansas City.  If you are a distance runner or endurance athlete, there is so much more that goes into achieving your goals than just getting in your weekly miles. 

RRKC offers weekly outdoor speed workouts (Winter and Spring) that incorporate running drills, intervals, fartleks, supersets, hill training, and more.  Workouts are personalized to each athletes' goals and experience level. The purpose of speed training is to improve efficiency and power, and to teach the body to run under fatigue. Coach Amy’s method includes a focus on both running form and the running mind.

RRKC’s first 6-week speed work session starts on February, 12th.  Sessions are held at various outdoor parks on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  Space is limited, so act fast to run fast!