Can Physical Therapy Get Rid of My Headache?


Yes, physical therapy can help! Headaches caused by restrictions in the muscles, nerves and fascia can respond well to physical therapy. When muscles of the jaw, neck and upper back are tight or weak, they can compromise nerves and blood vessels resulting in regular headaches that are exhausting and in severe cases, debilitating.

Coach Amy uses a combination of Dry Needling (IDN), Active Release Technique (ART), and functional exercise. IDN and ART can improve blood flow and free the nerves and blood vessels from restriction. For successful long term relief and prevention, therapy includes treatment of muscle imbalances with functional exercise and posture training.

Even with the best treatment, stress and overuse in sustained postures with certain jobs, hobbies and sports can lead to “pop up” headaches; monthly physical therapy “tune-ups” with IDN and ART can keep them at bay.  

Not all headaches are the result of muscle imbalances; other factors can contribute. A thorough physical therapy evaluation can identify if there are muscle imbalances contributing to headaches, and determine the effectiveness of physical therapy for treatment.