Active Release Technique (ART) and Dry Needling Can Boost Recovery


Nothing is more frustrating than becoming injured during training. Even with a sound training plan, injury can occur and completely derail race plans and goals. Physical therapy early in the injury process with a practitioner that specializes in endurance sports, can keep athletes training and racing with minimal to no disruption in training.

Lauren, a CoachAmyPT patient, shares this story: “I had a glute/hip flexor issue after running the Dopey Challenge. Between dry needling and physical therapy, Coach Amy put me back together...better than ever. Recently, I twisted my ankle on some ice and snow, and I had a race that weekend I didn’t want to miss. Again, dry needling, ART and physical therapy had me running the 10k two days later without any discomfort. I set a PR for that course!

Because Amy is such a talented athlete herself, she understands other athletes. She is part of my “A Team” of practitioners that keep me running at my best, and feeling my best.”

Physical therapy combined with ART and/or Neurological Dry Needling can significantly speed up healing time and reduce the effects of injury. ART is a patented soft tissue technique targeting the interface between structures, allowing them to move independently thus alleviating discomfort. Neurological Dry Needling is a non-pharmacological method of improving blood flow to boost healing. Combined, these treatments produce powerful results.

ART is covered under insurance, and dry needling is a cost effective “add on” treatment.  Both treatments can be incorporated into a regular PT appointment. Coach Amy is proud to offer these state of the art treatments, and like Lauren, get all endurance athletes back to sport ASAP.